Fleet Safety Benchmarking ORSA

Organisations have a duty of care to ensure that employees, contractors and sub-contractors driving for work purposes are not endangering themselves or other road users.

To reduce your road risks, you need to start with a clear understanding of the status of your existing Fleet Safety program.

Benchmarking can be a highly effective way of improving road safety in your organisation. Knowing what you are doing well helps maintain momentum but equally important knowing what you can do better drives improvement. Identifying good practices from comparisons with others is enormously valuable and encourages innovative solutions. Benchmarking also assists with compliance against legal requirements and standards such as ISO39001.

This benchmarking program consists of a 30 Question Gap Analysis, and questions related to your vehicles, the distance they travel and the collisions they are involved in.

In total it will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Once you've completed the process in full you will automatically receive feedback on your results and anonymous benchmarking data.

The benchmarking applies to:

  • All full/part-time employees, contractors, sub-contractors, temporary / agency staff, suppliers, customers and visitors in your supply chain.
  • All vehicle types irrespective of ownership.

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